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Here's where you can buy PSVR2

Retailers are now stocking PlayStation's new virtual reality headset and bundles.

Sony's PlayStation VR2 is now in stock at various retailers in the UK, giving PS5 users the opportunity to try one of the most exciting new virtual reality headsets we've seen in a while.

PSVR2 starts at £529, and for that you'll get the PlayStation VR2 Gaming Headset, two PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers, two controller straps, a USB Type-C cable and a set of stereo headphones with three different sized earpieces.

PSVR2 uses two 4K OLED displays running at 120Hz to deliver sharp images and a smooth, realistic motion in the games you're playing. You only need the single USB-C cable that's provided to get going, just plug it into your PS5 and adjust your lenses and you're set.

Down below you can find a list of the retailers stocking PSVR2, as well as some of the best day-one bundles each retailer is offering for the new VR headset:

Where to buy PSVR2 in the UK

The PSVR2 system components laid out from the box.




Where to buy PSVR2 in the US


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