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This speedy Kingston KC3000 2TB NVMe SSD is down to £118 from CCL on eBay with a code

KING15 is the name of the game.

Kingston's bleeding-edge KC3000 PCIe 4.0 SSD is down to £118 for a 2TB model from CCL's eBay store at the moment using code KING15. That makes for a fantastic deal for what is comfortably one of the best gaming SSDs out there.

It's perhaps no surprise that the KC3000 makes for an especially speedy SSD, with quoted speeds up to 1M IOPS for random reads and writes, and 7000MB/s sequential reads and writes. Those speeds are particularly impressive compared to some of the original PCIe 4.0 SSDs we saw launch a couple of years ago, which topped out around 5000MB/s sequential and 0.75M IOPS random. Just for some perspective, the KC3000 is 40 percent faster than that, which in turn provides you with faster load times. It's for this reason that the KC3000 is also one of the best PS5 SSDs too, as well as being a surefire hit for PC users, too.

In terms of capacity, this 2TB drive provides a ton of space for both PC and PS5 use. On the latter point, Sony's internal SSD on the PS5 is 825GB, but only comes with about 666GB of usable space, so adding a 2TB SSD gives you over four times more usable space. For PC use, 2TB certainly is a nice capacity to have for installing everything from games to apps, and an OS install, too.

This isn't a drive that comes with a heatsink though, so for PS5 use, you may want to grab one for £8. For PC use, you'll just have to make sure your motherboard supports PCIe 4.0 - anything from the last three to four years should be okay by rights, but it's worth Googling the name of your motherboard and the phrase "PCIe 4.0" to make sure. With it, you'll be able to take advantage of such high speeds and get the best performance out of your gaming rig.

£118 for this Kingston KC3000 2TB NVMe SSD really is an excellent deal (price per GB works out to 5.9p per GB, which is fantastic), whether you need it for your PC or PS5, so do take a look at some reviews to make your mind up!

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