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Grab the excellent Crucial X8 portable 2TB SSD for £102 at CCL

Our 'best portable SSD' pick is going cheap.

It's gotten to a point where portable SSDs can be had for pretty reasonable money, given the general lowering of solid state storage prices over the last few years. There's perhaps no finer example of this than this Amazon deal on the Crucial X8 2TB SSD which can be yours for £102 from CCL, offering our favourite portable SSD for gaming for a whole lot less.

Crucial's X-line of portable SSDs have been revered as some of the most solid ones on the market in terms of performance and value for money, and this X8 is arguably the top of the line model. It provides read speeds of up to 1050MB/s, meaning it offers usable speeds for playing PC (and last-gen console) games off of it, with faster load speeds than the older mechanical hard drive you might have in your PC at the moment. The same also goes for any videos or photos you might want to grab instant access to - using the X8 to quickly pull up files should be much easier than waiting for a hard drive.

In addition, the fact there's 2TB of capacity present, which means you won't be short of space for games, videos or personal files, even if you don't end up filling up the entire drive. Going for a drive that's this big is for the sake of peace of mind if you do ever need that extra space, and as someone who has a pretty sizeable library of local music and videos, putting it on a portable SSD for ease of access is especially convenient. What's als handy is just given that this is a portable drive, you can take those files on the go with you. With the speeds on offer, you could certainly edit video off the X8 if you so wished.

As a portable SSD, it's also handy to know the X8 is drop proof up to 2 metres, and is also 'proofed' from extreme temperatures, shock, and vibrations, too, which is handy if you do plan on taking it out anywhere. The fact the X8 is solid state in the first place also lends itself to being more reliable as there aren't moving parts, unlike with a mechanical hard drive that will eventually stop spooling after a period of time.

If you're after a solid top of the line portable SSD for less for storing things on (well, what else?!), then the Crucial X8 2TB for £102 on CCL is a properly sterling option!

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