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Add 2TB of storage to your PC for less with this amazing WD Black SN770 SSD deal from Amazon

A whole lotta storage.

Alright, I'll cut to the chase. Currently, Amazon has a storming deal on the Western Digital Black SN770 2TB drive, with a handy price cut bringing it down to £115 and if you're wanting to upgrade your PC storage capacity with a speedy drive, the SN770 is a a solid choice.

This is a solid PCIe 4.0 SSD which provides 2TB of capacity for you to use, as well as good speeds of up to 5150MB/s reads and 4900MB/s writes, respectively, as well as quoted IOPS figures of 740,000 and 800,000 random read/writes. Despite these speeds being rather snappy and this drive being a PCIe 4.0 one, the SN770 unfortunately falls short of Sony's PS5 requirements with read and writes 10% short of Sony's requirements - 5500MB/s read/writes - meaning you'll be left to use the SN770 in desktop and laptop PCs, which is no problem at all for adding a dose more speed, and of course, extra space. Even if you can't use it with a PS5 though, for the PC gamers in the audience, the SN770 is likely to be one of the best gaming SSDs out there.

Western Digital says the SN770 is 20 percent more power efficient than the previous model. This is going to be especially handy if you're using this SSD as a laptop drive for potentially longer battery life. It's as a result of the drive's excellent PCIe 4.0 speeds, which are delivered using fewer lanes than an equivalent PCIe 3.0 drive, so it's both faster and more efficient - the joys of newer hardware generations. It's also worth noting that with 2TB of capacity, the SN770 is going to provide you with a shedload of space on which to install games, media and all sorts of other stuff. It's always useful to have more storage, and the SN770 will provide you with a lot of it.

To go with the speed and efficiency of the drive itself, PC users can also utilise WD_BLACK Dashboard, Western Digital's companion software for their rives to boost performance when in gaming mode and also allows you easy access to the drive's vitals. This is especially important for drive maintenance, and making sure everything is in order. In addition, as solid state drives like the SN770 have no moving parts, unlike mechanical hard drives, then there's (of course) less to go wrong. It also means an SSD will be quieter and more resistant to damage from magnets, drops, or shocks, which is always handy.

The WD Black SN770 2TB model for £115 from Amazon represents quite the great deal if you want to get some great solid state storage to add to a desktop or laptop PC before the Black Friday rush begins.

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