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We're giving away T-shirts to new and existing yearly Eurogamer supporters


A Eurogamer T-shirt, laid at a jaunty angle. It's white with blue globes all over it, a bit like a stylish rash.

Did you know there was a Eurogamer merch store? I bet you didn't! Well there is and we're giving away a bunch of T-shirts from it, for free.

For a limited time, anyone who signs up to become a yearly supporter of Eurogamer will be given a code to redeem a free T-shirt from said merch store, which you didn't know about, admit it, meaning you can take your pick and get whichever design you want.

We're also going to randomly select some existing yearly supporters to get a code for a free T-shirt as well, so we can include you too.

Those of you who qualify will receive an email from us - from me, actually, lucky things! - telling you what to do next. Please allow a day or so for these to arrive.

The question now is which design is for you? There are more than a dozen there, ranging from Pride designs to the classic Eurogamer blue globes, up to our recent connoisseur's choice, the Eurogamer oranges tee - when you know, you know.

Lots of Eurogamer T-shirt designs lined up next to each other in a web store. There are no bodies in them.
There they all are. Check out the Lady Dimitrescu one - cool, isn't it? But the oranges one is really where it's at.

Remember, we recently sliced the price of our Supporter Programme to £30/$30, so more people can get in on it. For that, you get Eurogamer without adverts, exclusive articles every week, a podcast, "supporter" commenting status, discounts on merch and EGX tickets, and the occasional giveaway like this, or the Hitman giveaway we've still got keys for.

Oh, and keep an eye out for Emma's Adventures too - it's an exclusive column where Eurogamer favourite Emma Kent does bizarre things in games. Case in point: her trying to create a food delivery service in Elden Ring, and invading other players' worlds with offers of crab, which is exactly as precarious as it sounds.

If you have any questions about the Eurogamer Supporter programme, pop them in the comments and I'll endeavour to answer them. Oh and remember there's an open-to-all Eurogamer Discord too.

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